Tuesday January 20th 2004

Steve Szmidt reporting:

Dear All

On February 1st 2004 Radio Seagull will be sharing the Sky Digital Transponder number 913 with Apple FM. They will broadcast in Stereo, with an EPG, initially broadcasting for 4 hours every evening starting at 19.00 hours (UK time), followed by 2 hours of religious programmes. For those who have a Free To Air Digital (FTA) satellite receiver, the tuning details are as follows:

Eurobird Satellite 28.5 Degrees, Frequency 11, 585 GHz, Polarity Horizontal, S/R 27500, FEC 2/3

The station is still working hard to start broadcasting on 1602 Khz on AM. Meanwhile the 24/7 internet service can be heard via

Here are some details of Radio Seagull, taken from their aforementioned website:

"Welcome to Radio Seagull, home of Progressive Rock and Alternative Music. Radio Seagull brings you the music you don't hear on other radio stations, neither 'on air', nor on the Internet. We play the best progressive rock, the coolest album tracks and the finest alternative music.

Why 'Seagull'

We broadcast from a small harbour-town in the northern part of the Netherlands where the sound of the sea and of seagulls is heard everyday. We also feel a strong relationship to the "Radio Seagull" broadcast from the MV Mi-Amigo in 1973 and 1974. During those days, the ship that also housed the radio station Radio Mi-amigo, was anchored 4 miles off the Dutch coast. Radio Seagull's format consisted of Progressive Rock and Alternative music, the same format we broadcast nowadays.

Loving Awareness

Like our colleagues in the 70's, we also promote the message of 'Love and Understanding', or 'Loving Awareness'!. You'll hear our message throughout
our programmes!

Happy Listening..."

Well done and good luck to everyone concerned.

With regards to sister station Radio Caroline, Peter Moore has launched an appeal to get Radio Caroline UK an EPG on Sky Digital. I attach a copy of this in Jpeg format (image 1, image 2).

Donations should be sent care of John Knight at the following address:

Radio Caroline Sales.
148 Grange Road,
CT11 9PR

Cheques can be in GBP or Euros and should be made payable to "E.P.G Fund". All people donating money will receive two Radio Caroline Car Stickers.

Radio Caroline Sales have an excellent new website which can be found at On this site you can either browse on line to see what merchandise is available or down load the 2004 Catalogue as a pdf file, to view or print and then read at your leisure. To do the later, you will need to down load "Adobe Acrobat Reader", which is available free from




Tuesday December 23rd 2003

"Caroline Searchlight" by Peter Och

Peter OchHallo friends, 

due to business reasons I was not able to report within the last time. But I hope that things will change in January 2004. Until then I wish you - both the listeners of German Caroline and all reading this Searchlight - a merry and quiet christmas and a healthy and successful new year.

Until soon

Peter Och


Saturday December 6th 2003

Roger 'Twiggy' Day writing:


Think it only fair to warn you that I will be on Caroline twice this weekend. On Saturday as usual then I am sitting in for Foster Sunday at 14.00. Requests for songs always welcome unless it is for Victoria Beckham's latest.

As usual each programme carries a government health warning, listening could make you smile.

Love & Peace



The Radio Seagull website reporting:

Radio Seagull on AM !

Much sooner than expected the definite outcome of the final re-allocation procedure for Dutch frequencies has been published by the Dutch Government. Radio Seagull, having applied for various options, was very positively surprised by being granted an AM frequency. For the next 8 years Radio Seagull holds the license for the AM frequency 1602.

The Radio Seagull board is very happy to announce that preparations are in full operation to find a transmitter site where the aerial can be erected and the transmitter can be placed. We hope to be on air early next year, if not sooner...

Radio Seagull ShortWave

Since October 4th Radio Seagull has been using the Short wave frequency 9290 kHz from Latvia. With this being a great success we are happy to announce that we have succeeded in securing another month of broadcasts via this great frequency. The UTC time slot will be adjusted according to the time change in Western Europe, so in CET the times will remain to be 12.00 till 17.00 every Saturday.

The schedule for the next few weeks is again a guarantee for a great variety of music. The time slot between 12.00 and 16.00 remains flexible, between 16.00 and 17.00 is set in stone Stevie Gordon.

  • November 22th: Sietse Brouwer and Herry Kuipers

We like to thank the all the thousands of listeners who have sent in their reception reports and their well wishes. We had no idea the impact of Short Wave was so immense.

As this service covers all of Western Europe, we have an excellent coverage in the UK, we offer a splendid platform for advertising your company or products. Our rates are very moderate, to say the least. Please contact for details

We also offer sponsoring opportunities. You can have your company�s name all over Western Europe for very little money. Please contact for details


Monday October 20th 2003

"Caroline Searchlight" by Peter Och

Peter OchHallo friends,

it has been fairly long ago that I've written my last Searchlight and since that day a lot has happened.

Roger Day had to cancel his excellent weekday shows again because he found a new job. Fortunately he is back now every Saturday from 03.00 PM to 06.00 PM British time and last Sunday he was sitting in for Pat Edison. 
Talking about Pat Edison, his current weekday shows for which he uses his holiday are also very wellcomed by many listeners.
Even further new presenters had been heard during the last time, for example Glenn Tompsett and Martin Smith. Both in my view fit very good into the Caroline format.
Personally I was also very delighted that Jerry Wright during the past weeks could be heard again.

As you probably know Ryan Woodman was in Astralia for some weeks.
Chris Carey bought there - to be exact in Perth - a radio station and asked Ryan for technical assistance in the start phase. But this means at the same time that my in an earlier Searchlight expressed expectation that Chris Carey like Roger Day could again present programmes for Radio Caroline unlikely will be fulfilled. 
During Ryan's absence Nigel Harris very successful cared about technical matters of Caroline. 

It is also good that some new advertising customers had been found. So let's hope that as many people as possible will take part in the Making Waves Campaign on the official Caroline website and that this could attract more advertising customers and sponsors. 

Obviously successful was the German Radio Day held in Erkrath on the 21st of September 2003. For my part I was not able to take part this year but only heard positive reports. Also the interviews on Radio Marabu and the Hannibalinterview had been and are still very informative. 
The Radio Day in Amsterdam on the 25th of October 2003 also promises to become a success and everyone who can afford the time can be recommended to turn up there.
Unfortunately due to other obligations I won't be able to take part in this event too.

Development of German Caroline goes very trudging; on the account there are just 29.10 �.
Paul Meier's programmes in my opinion become always better and better but probably there are only a few listeners left in the German speeking area. At least an outlet via Hotbird further would be very helpful for listeners outside Britain and Ireland.
The positive reactions of some listeners - partly even living in England - encourage us to continue with hope for the return of better times. 

Until the next time

Peter Och



Wednesday October 8th 2003

Roger 'Twiggy' Day writing:

To all my radio friends

I am very pleased to tell you I shall be growing old disgracefully this Saturday 15.00-18.00 BST and Sunday 10.00-13.00 BST on the Sound Of The Nation. Do hope you can spend some time with me. Got quite a few tasty tracks for you, including Uriah Heep, Joe Satriani, David Gilmour, Tom Waits, Tim Buckley and probably some Beach Chaps. Plus that music from Butch Cassidy that Mark Wesley turned into an RNI jingle.

As usual any tracks you might like to suggest I will try and find.

The strangest part of my new day job is that I walk past the Ross at least twice a day. Very tempted to jump on board and turn the 50KW on and let it rip. 

Love & Peace




Saturday September 20th 2003

Roger 'Twiggy' Day writing:


Hard to say what I feel, but the last few months on Caroline have been some of the most rewarding times of my life. Not as good as 67/68, because nothing could ever be that wonderful, but the good news is that the magic is still there. This really is a radio station with a heart. Thank you for all the kind wishes and comments. For me it has been the most difficult period of my life and your words have been the light that has kept my faith in myself. For that thank you.

It is certainly something I do not want to lose for a second time so I will continue to have some involvement. Hopefully at weekends.

The only disappointment was the break down in the internet service which meant many of you couldn't listen today. Although nothing to do with me, I apologise for that it is totally unacceptable. As I have said before there is an opportunity top take the station back to the top. Yes, it means getting cash but that doesn't mean changing our principles. We are a lot like George Best well loved but very unreliable. That must change. Rest assured I will putting every effort into this. With money we can provide a reliable service and that is the only way forward, without it the station will become a distant memory and none of us want that.

As Teddy Kennedy said. "Some men see things as they are and say why, I dream things that never were and say why not."

Thanks again for the support see you soon at the weekends.




Wednesday September 17th 2003

Roger 'Twiggy' Day reporting:

Hello listening twiglet

Sorry for the late delay in letting you know show times, but young Michael had an accident on his skateboard, nothing really serious but it has meant time of school and with only my daughters car for transport, I wasn't sure when I would be available.

All OK now though and it will be 11.00-15.00 today and Friday, Thursday 13.00-15.00.

As you probably heard me mention this will probably be my last weekday shows for a while as I have been lucky enough to get a job setting up and managing an internet radio station in Medway for young people. It is basically a training ground for new radio talent, and isn't there a desperate need for that. As it is a youff station I won't be doing any broadcasting just passing on tips on how not to do it. 

Of course I live in hope that a sponsor can be found so that I can pay the bills and get back to weekday shows on Caroline. Until then I hope that a slot can be found for me at the weekend. Needless to say I'll keep you informed.

Boss Wishes






Tuesday September 2nd 2003

Roger 'Twiggy' Day reporting:

To My Listening Friends

Like many of you I was frustrated not to be able to listen to the net at the weekend. Apparently this was because of a phone line fault.

Although this sort of problem is unavoidable I think we must find ways in future of making our listeners aware of the problem by posting an explanation on the website. The good news is that all appears top be working normally now apart from incoming e-mail at the studio. Rest assured the responsible ass will be kicked and that will be restored ASAP.




Sunday August 31st 2003

Roger 'Twiggy' Day reporting:

My times this week on Caroline:

Monday Tuesday and Wednesday 15.00-18.00
Thursday & Friday 11.00-15.00

I hope you can listen to some of it, as usual I will have few watery wireless tunes to jog those memories.

Weekend wishes




Tuesday August 19th 2003

Roger 'Twiggy' Day reporting:


This week you can hear me on Caroline for the cabin boy on Tuesday 15.00-18.00, then on Weds & Fri 11.00-15.00, Thursday 13.00-15.00.

If you live in the West Mids you can also hear me on Saga 105.7 this Sat 14.00-16.00 and Sunday 13.00-16.00.

I hope you can listen.

Best wishes,



"Caroline Searchlight" by Peter Och

Peter OchHallo friends,

due to current temperatures it really is not easy to write any item but on the other hand I think it is time to give you another sign of living.

The Ross Revenge now lies in Rochester and during the past weekend she was open for visitors. Numerous djs had been on bord at least temporarily among them even Tony Allan. The result was good. Even some days ago Saturday was completely booked and also on Sunday many visitors had been there. A lot of merchandising items had been sold. Peter Clayton has had some health worries in recent months, but it now seems that the situation is not as serious as he feared. He will be on board again  for a weeks engineering work in mid August.

It is a chance of luck that Roger "Twiggy" Day currently presents regular programmes. When you hear his shows you are always set back into the time between 1967 and 1970. But in the same recreating way he presents new groups and their tracks as well as his favorite Beach Boys. Let's hope that he will stay with Caroline as long as possible.

After his computer crash Rob Leighton was able fairly quickly to return with his show. Unfortunately he now has just one programme per week (Thursday from 09.00 PM to midnight) but with this slot surely more fans will be able to listen to him again.

Unfortunately Dance on a Volcano ceased since Andy Tillison could not find the time to  regularly send programmes. Let's hope he will return sometimes in the future.

After his anniversary which brought him a lot of good wishes from listeners for the future Mark Stafford is back on air again and returned on the 3rd of August with an excellent monthly flashback show.

A very good resonance got the new design of the official Radio Caroline website In overall Charge by Nigel and Ryan it is now much more diversified and informative than it was in the past.

Also successful had been the gigs with Status Quo, the Beach Boys and others. In which the programme of Radio Caroline with the help of a Worldspace receiver was played between the entrances of the groups via loudspeaker. Also flyers were given out and merchandising had been sold. Due to those actions the number of Caroline listeners seems to have increased in England considerable. Let's hope that this will bring more advertisers and sponsors being interested in Radio Caroline. Talking about sponsoring, Earth Radio will be sponsoring Tony Christian' programme from this weekend. According to Peter Moore the Status Quo events are over for 2003, but Caroline has already arranged to tour with them in 2004. In the meantime Caroline will be present at The Canterbury Fayre in Kent in late August. This is a three day music event; it will be promoted on Caroline starting shortly. Tony Christian will be on stage introducing various bands including the prog rock band Karnataka.

A UK copy of Newsbeat is in the process of being written. Pat Eddison is doing the layout and printing. Sample copies may be available to non Support Group members at a small charge, refundable if they then join us.

The latest co-operation between Disky BV and Caroline will be on sale by the end of the month. This is a triple CD set called Radio Caroline Rock Flashback. There are about 54 tracks on the CD's and some Caroline jingles, with sleeve notes written by Peter Moore and photographs supplied by Norman Barrington. These will be on sale via Caroline Sales.

Unclear is the future of German Caroline. Many thanks to all supporting us with donations in the past. But now we probably will run out of money; only 9.10 � left. The bill is payed until the end of September. What then will happen I still cannot definitely say. Maybe we will know more at the Radio Day in Erkrath on the 13th of September.

Until the next time

Peter Och



Sunday July 27th 2003

Roger 'Twiggy' Day reporting:

Good Day My Friends

Late notice I know but I shall be shaking off the barnacles today (Sunday) between 17.00-21.00 BST. Also this week 13.00015.00 Tues-Thurs & 11.00-15.00 Friday. 

Good to see the Beach Boys on Friday in Norfolk but can't get used to seeing them without Carl & Dennis.

Enjoy the day




Friday July 25th 2003

Welsh rock band Karnataka to be interviewed on Radio Caroline

Click HERE for details.



Wednesday July 23rd 2003

WBCQ and Caroline

News report from
Tony Christian

I have been in the driving seat and reponsible for programmes and our output to WBCQ in the USA from Radio Caroline for getting on two years now. Our friend out there and main man Alan Weiner who is a lifelong listener and supporter to Radio Caroline and has been from day one kindly allowed us airtime free of charge on one of his Shortwave frequencies, which has been brilliant. There is a brand new frequency for listeners to this service now on Shortwave and on the net, 5.100 kHz. These new programmes from Radio Caroline will commence from July 21st, Mondays thro Fridays 22-00 - 23-00 UTC. If you have never heard Radio Caroline on Shortwave, you still have the chance by listening on the internet, I can only discribe the audio as very close to the sound that relates to the old AM signal, very nostalgic.

All you have to do is work out the time difference from the States and log in, I think you will be impressed. I would like to thank at this point the constant support and help of Dave Fox and Paul Douglas, two of our key presenters from Radio Caroline for WBCQ. I have also sent new shows to the USA, so check out WBCQ, it's a listening experience.



Saturday July 19th 2003

Steve Szmidt reporting:

During Roger Day's extended four hour programme today (Friday 18th July), he announced that he will be sitting in for Mark Stafford on Sunday (20th) from 17.00 to 21.00 hours BST. With this being a weekend, Roger will potentially have a much larger audience. Also, after 18.00 hours BST, listeners to Caroline South, via "The Breeze" (88.4 FM) on the Italian Riviera will be able to hear this great broadcaster. Since his return to Caroline, Roger has only done weekday daytime shows, so a lot of fans have had to rely on time shift recording devices to hear the fun being put back into British radio.

Roger will also appearing at the forthcoming Beach Boys concert on Friday 25th July at the High Lodge Forest Centre, Norfolk. Tickets are �28, plus a �1 booking fee (Booking Office 01842 814612). The Beach Boys will be supported by Linda Lewis. Caroline's "on air" broadcasts will be heard at this event and Caroline Sales will be there to sell merchandise and give out flyers on "How to receive Caroline on Sky". Roger, if you want someone to take that picture of you with the Beach Boys which you missed out on getting the last time you appeared with them, get me a complementary ticket and consider the job done! Lots of samples of my work can be seen on this
very website.

The above news items are also confirmed on the Radio Caroline UK website (, where you will also find other recently added information.

Mark Stafford is on holiday for two weeks and will return with his monthly oldies format on Sunday 3rd August 2003. Enjoy your holiday Mark. I'm off on mine from the 26th July, to the beautiful Lake District in the North of England. I only hope this run of good weather lasts!

Steve Szmidt, Canterbury, England.


Steve Szmidt reporting:

Due to a lack of new programming, "Dance of the Volcano" has been dropped from the Radio Caroline schedule. The same programme was broadcast for about two months! Much as many enjoyed and will be sad to see this excellent programme disappear, myself included, the same show being repeated week after week did not do the credability of Radio Caroline or the programme makers any favours. 

From Thurday 24th July Rob Leighton's "Imagination" will take over the slot vacated, 21.00 to 00.00 hours BST. Imagination recently had to cease its daily weekday programme due to computer problems.



Friday July 11th 2003

Roger 'Twiggy' Day reporting:


Next week you can catch me on Caroline 13.00-15.00 Tuesday -Thursday, 11.00-15.00 on Friday. Hope you can catch some of it.

Have a great weekend. Best Wishes,



Steve Szmidt reporting:

Welsh rock band Karnataka have agreed to appear on the Pat Edison programme on Sunday 24th August, the day of their evening gig at the Canterbury Fayre in Kent ( The appearance of the band is still subject to approval by the management of Radio Caroline. All the group members are very keen to appear on "Europe's first and only album station". Karnataka are regularly featured on Pat's and programmes of other Caroline presenters such as Tony Christian's Saturday morning show. The band have offered to bring along signed CD's and DVD's, to be given away as prizes.

The agreement follows last Saturday's (5th) gig at the Astor Theatre Arts Centre in Deal, Kent, which was attended by myself and Caroline Supporter Barry Crompton from Herne Bay. Barry was not familiar with the band's music prior to the gig, but despite this, like myself, he thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Barry and I had the chance to meet the band after the gig and this was when discussions about an appearance on Radio Caroline started. Also, at the beginning of the evening the promotional sales guys agreed to hand out the flyer on "How to receive Caroline on Sky" to all purchasers of the bands merchandise. They will continue to do so at future gigs.

I will report further news when I receive it and if the band are allowed to appear on Pat's programme, I will do a full feature on Karnataka for this website. In the meantime you can visit band's own website at


Steve Szmidt, Canterbury, England.

PS. Other bands appearing at the Canterbury Fayre, which is on from the 22nd to the 24th August, include Inspiral Carpets, Shed Seven, Robert Plant, Roy Harper, The Incredible String Band, Love with Arthur Lee and The Buzzcocks. For full details visit or phone the credit card box office on 01494 794887.



I have been a massive fan
Karnataka over the past year or so and regually feature there music during my Saturday morning Show. After my recent contact with the band, I will be talking to them live on air in the morning during my show, so whatever you were planning to do, put it on hold. They are a good fun people and certainly make excellent music, so from our conversations this week should be fun on air.

In addition if thats not enough, I will be interviewing them before there Gig in Crewe at the Limelight on the 27th July which will be edited and played back on my show the following week, and and introducing them live on stage at the event.

Kanataka are also appearing at the Canterbury Fayre Rock Festival on the 24th August where I have also been invited to introduce them live on stage, so if this could be a good Gig and also good promotion for Radio Caroline.

I will be giving away Videos and CDs of the band and other merchandise into the weeks leading up to this so keep it locked into my show on Saturdays over the comming weeks for more details.

Tony Christian

Radio Caroline



Tuesday July 8th 2003

Roger 'Twiggy' Day reporting:

Dear Friends and twiglets,

starting today for an indefinite period I shall be broadcasting on the old lady. Tomorrow (Wednesday 9th) I shall be on 15.00-18.00 BST. Then 13.00-15.00 Monday - Friday until a dutch tug comes and towes me away. On the net, Sky Digital and Worldspace - I do hope you can join me. Real radio rules




Friday July 4th 2003

Patrick Healy reporting:

In the English shipping magazine "Ships Monthly" (July 2003 edition) there is a three page article including some colour photographs on the history of the Ross Revenge.



Friday June 27th 2003

Steve Szmidt commenting:

In response to what Nigel Harris has written on his website, I have the following words to write:

Maybe several callers complaining about Ryan's choice of music demonstrates that a lot of the listeners do not want to hear the likes of Justin Timberlake and Eurovision Song Contest losers Tatu. Why can't Nigel accept this is constructive criticism. Instead, he chooses to have a go at the listeners for not being consistent with their complaining. Why also use this as an opportunity to have a go at one of Caroline's more popular presenters, whilst defending his friend, who is no where near as popular as the like of Tony Christian.

In my last report on the Caroline German website I mentioned that one of Roger Day's old shipmates had been known to play Eminem. I must admit it was not on one occasion when one of the tracks frequently featured the "F" word, which I did not feel was appropriate for the time of day that it was aired. I did seriously consider complaining to Peter Moore, but because of other problems at the time, I knew this would only add "fuel to the fire".

With regards to Georgia Brown and Stephanie playing Cilla and Cliff Richard, what is the point of the listeners complaining about anything these presenters do. Many views have been written about their unprofessional presentation, including at least one to Mr Moore himself, who promised that Buzby would be carrying our appraisals on all the presenters. If he has done so, then obviously the standards set could not have been very high, because certain presenters are still working for the station.

I was surprised to hear "Bob the Builder" on Saturday, but who would seriously complain about Tony having a bit of fun. Nigel, do not take life so seriously. It was only a couple of months ago that we heard Bob and several Christmas songs being aired regulary by "Robbo" the computer playout system. Surely this proves (and possibly the point Tony was trying to make) that by having such songs on the computer, on hold or otherwise, could be leaving the station open to having them played in error if things went wrong. Anyway, Tony had received a severe blow to the head in a car accident last week, so we were probably lucky that it was only "Bob the Builder" that he played!

Nigel and Ryan, we appreciate the many hours that you both put in at the radio station, but like with any job it is not the hours that count, but the quality of your work. Remember that the customer is always right, even when they are wrong. Listen to what the listeners want from Caroline, because after all many of them are helping to keep the dream alive with and without financial support. Therefore, if the majority say that they don't want to hear Justin Timberlake or a certain presenter, then you and Peter Moore should listen. Conversely, if the listeners want to hear more of a particular type of music, such as new stuff or the return of certain presenters, like for example Chris Bent, then the station should also react accordingly.

Maybe I no longer have the right to voice such opinions, since ceasing to be a financial supporter of Caroline UK. Well it's too late. I have done it now! Believe it or not, everything I have said is with the interest of Radio Caroline at heart, but I will still await the back fire!

By the way Nigel, is their a hint in your report that Caroline 2 will be playing such delights as "Bob the Builder"? Maybe Caroline 2 will be a children's radio station. The other week, one of the presenters, whom probably plays more dodgy records than any other Caroline presenter, played the theme to "Fireball XL5", one of my childhood favourites. If you had not guessed, I am referring to Barry James, but don't we all love to hear his programme. Judging by the emails and phone calls he gets, we certainly
........and I bet no one complains when he plays Cliff Richard, the Bay City Rollers, Judge Dread etc etc.

Steve Szmidt, Canterbury, England.

The above is in response to the news report that appeared on the Nigel Harris's website, on the 25th June 2003:

"Welcome again to the website. Sadly, these days, it seems I only do an update when there is something to correct!!

So here we go again.

Well done to Roger Day for filling in for Ryan last week. He had a wonderful time 'doing' Caroline again. Sadly though, several callers rang to have a go at Ryan Woodman's 'so-called' choice of music. Did we get calls about Tony Allan playing Eminem, or Georgia's Cilla Black, or Stephanie's Cliff Richard? Of course not. Or even Tony Christian's Bob the Builder this week. Strange. Mind you, on that subject, I am told Tony played it because he could not believe it was in 'the playlist'. Shame on him for doing it anyway. It just cheapens the station. Sorry Tony. But also, it is not in any playlist. It, along with thousands of other songs, is in the database library. It sits on 'hold'. Not in the playlist.

A Radio One jock has access to the complete BBC library. So does he play music associated with Radio Three? Of course not. Who knows what Caroline will do in the future. Another Caroline is always the subject of speculation. So when music arrives, and do remember it has come to us 'en block', we don't just dump huge swaythes of it. We put in on 'hold'. No, Tony, not in the playlist. Who knows, songs we don't normally play could be needed for a promo, or an event of some sort. We never dump music. And on the subject of the 'Playlist', it is only on screen because of automation. It has to generate 24 hours, and includes the ad breaks. No presenter is forced to follow it. Any dodgy song heard when a presenter is on live is of their own doing. Tony played Bob the Builder because he wanted to play it! 
I am not having a 'go' at Tony, he can do what he wants. But he must get his facts right first.
Hope that clears up a few things.
So, 'till I feel I have to clear things up again,"
Nigel Harris.



Saturday June 21st 2003

Steve Szmidt reporting:

Roger "Twiggy" Day

What a joy it was to hear Roger's programmes on Caroline. This week he filled in for Ryan Woodman on the 15.00 to 18.00 slot, Tuesday through to Friday. Tuesday's programme, was plagued by technical problems (sea water got into the CD decks!), but David Foster came to the rescue.

Some of the listeners had told Roger how they normally had to listen to Ryan playing such artists as Justin Timberlake and Tatu, which he found difficult to believe. He has promised to have a word in the "young lad's ear". I wonder if Roger knows that one of his old RNI shipmates has been known to play the likes of Eminem on Caroline?

I was able to listen to Roger, thanks to my VHS video recorder, which I think many fans have had to do so. I wonder how many listeners record the usual programme that goes out during this time slot?

During the last two weeks Roger has certainly put the fun back into Radio Caroline. It came across very clearly that Roger was enjoying being back on the old girl. He did say that he now wonders why he didn't come back sooner. Unfortunately, we will not hear him over the next two weeks, but he has promised to return. I for one cannot wait. Roger can be emailed directly at

Steve Szmidt.

PS. Does anyone know what has happened to "Dance of the Volcano". The same programme was repeated for four consecutive week, then this week we had Robbo?



Tuesday June 17th 2003

Barry Crompton commenting:

What Now Caroline! - Will Caroline grasp it?

"Digital radio has become a major force in the first 3 months, according to the latest Rajar figures. They show that Digital Radio - available now through a range of digital platforms - is obtaining a substantial audience. Although DAB radios are still thin on the ground people are listening to radio on their TVs (as much as 18% of the public) via cable, satellite and Freeview.

Some of the music stations are seeing between 500,000 and 1 million listeners on the digital platforms while voice based station Oneword is seeing 50,000 listeners each week. This is a major achievement for these smaller radio stations and is part of an overall growth in radio listening which means that radio is now listened to by more people that at any time in the past with 90% of the population listening each week."

So there is the future. Will Caroline grasp it and will there be consequences??? Is the lady just too safe to be an issue any more???



Monday June 10th 2003

"Caroline Searchlight" by Peter Och

Peter OchHallo friends,

let's start with the negative news today.
Unfortunately Sietse and Adrian had not been successful in their attempt to get one of the Dutch medium Wave frequencies. So at least for the foreseable future 
Caroline Netherlands is only an internet radio station. What ever the next project would be let's wish the Dutch friends much success. On the other hand in my view it should be thought about whether it wouldn't be more useful to put together the Dutch resources with Caroline UK in Maidstone for to create a programme again which also has listeners in central Europe. At the moment it namely looks like after the end of the broadcasts via Hotbird there are only a few listeners in central Europe. So we also realized that we have only a few listeners of German Caroline since the station is no longer on Hotbird. 

Much better is the situation with Caroline UK. The computer archive meanwhile contains a lot more than 12000 tracks. Even the programmes which are not live like German Caroline and Radio Marabu are broadcast regularly now. Thanks to Nigel and Ryan.

It is also good that former Caroline DJs like Roger "Twiggy" Day are heard again. Unfortunately I could only hear ten minutes of Roger Day's show last Thursday as I had to work what surely was the case for many of you but even this ten minutes had been a real pleasure. Keep on!! Maybe we will also hear DJs like Andy Archer, Spengles Maldoon (Chris Carey), Allan West and others in the future. Also the new DJ Doug Wood which first could be heard on the 9th of June and will be doing further programmes sounds very good.

Very sad news is that Johnny Walker as he confirmed himself on Radio Two suffers from Cancer and therefore has to take a break for medical treatment. So let's wish him all the best. Let's also send our best wishes to Tony Allan who hasn't been heard for a fairly long time.

By the way who is interested in the top 20 which had been broadcast on the 10th of May on German Caroline can obtain a double cd. The only condition is to make a donation for German Caroline of at least 10 �. The E-Mail address for orders you find on this website. The postal address is:

Peter Och
Hauptstra�e 15
D-07366 Blankenstein

Donations send to:
Raiffeisenbank Berg / Bad Steben, account number 704857, bank code number 77069836.

Until the next time

Peter Och



Enjoy 78 great pictures from Caroline's offshore heydays



Saturday June 7th 2003

Steve Szmidt reporting:

Roger "Twiggy" Day

Roger Day appeared live on Radio Caroline today (Thursday 5th June 2003), for the first time since March 1968. He admitted doing some recorded programmes for the station during the 70's. I was able listen to his show, thanks to "time shift" recording technology (a VHS Hi-Fi video recorder) that was not available in 1968. Unfortunately, like many, I was at work when the original broadcast went out between 12.00 and 15.00 hours.

It did not take Roger to warm up and sound like he had never been away from the old girl. The Roger "Twiggy" Day that was (as he kept saying), still has the same recognisable voice that I last heard on Birmingham's ILR radio station "BRMB" and before that on Manchester's "Piccadilly Radio".

He shared with us some of his offshore memories of Swinging Radio England, Caroline and RNI plus his involvement with the Beach Boys. With regards to the later, he informed us that he can be heard (unaccredited) on one of their live albums. He very much regrets never being photographed with the band. Obviously the Beach Boys featured a couple of times during Rogers' three hours.

Roger read out the last top ten that he played on Caroline in 1968, but he thought that most of the songs featured were best forgotten. However, he would probably prefer to hear all ten, given the choice of listening to these or tracks from today's manufactured music and "boy bands" (Rogers' favourite!)

Many fans and supporters sent in emails, which Roger read out. It was from these that he became aware of just how widespread Caroline's audience is today.

Roger mentioned that he has a good radio in his car, probably worth more than the car itself, but it is never used. He feels that the fun has now gone out of radio and there is nothing worth listening to on normal wavebands. Hopefully, this situation will change when some of the newly awarded Dutch radio frequencies and a certain Long Wave one becomes operational by their new owners.

Roger ended his show by saying "Well I'm probably in big trouble now, because I enjoyed that" and he added "you're not allowed to enjoy radio shows anymore". Well "Twiggy" (or not so these days!), I'm sure that like myself, all the listeners are pleased you broke one of the deadly sins of today's radio, to provide us three hours of that unique style of yours.

It was announced during the following Bob Lawrence's programme, that Roger was in the second studio with Nigel Harris and was seen signing bits of paper. Could this mean we will be hearing a lot more of "Twiggy" in the future? He will certainly be on air next Thursday at the same time, same channel. Will Roger save the Day?

"Wouldn't it be nice", as the Beach Boys once sang, if Buzby was also part of the package and we got an extra show from him every Thursday, following on from Roger at 15.00 hours.

It is a pity that the good programming had to end at 18.00 hours, for three hours of religious stuff (I thought that was what the other channel was for!). Thank God for the excellent "Dance of the Volcano", which commenced at 21.00 hours.

Steve Szmidt, Canterbury, England.

Steve Szmidt reporting:

Johnnie Walker

I saw this story on the BBC News Online and thought you should see it.

Let's hope Johnnies' cancer treatment will be successful.

LA, Steve.

** DJ Johnnie Walker in cancer battle **
BBC Radio 2 DJ Johnnie Walker tells listeners that he has been diagnosed with a form of non-Hodgkins lymphona:



Tuesday June 3rd 2003

Steve Szmidt reporting:

Roger "Twiggy" Day returns to UK Radio Caroline

Hi everyone,

Some good new about UK Radio Caroline. It has been announced today that Roger "Twiggy" day is returning to her airwaves on Thursday (5th) June at 12.00 until 15,00 hours (UK time). Roger appeared at the Caroline Christmas party last December (see my report and pictures, including ones of Roger on this website) and it was hinted then that he might put in an appearance soon. The revised schedule (UK times) for Thursday is as follows.

07.00 -10.00 hours Nigel Harris
10.00 - 12.00 hours Rob Leighton
12.00 - 15.00 hours Roger Day
15.00 - 18.00 hours Bob Lawrence

Should be a great day of broadcasting. Pity a lot of us will be at work. Time to get the VHS -Hi-Fi programmed in LP speed!

Listen via the Internet, Sky Digital or Worldspace.





Tuesday May 6th 2003

"Caroline Searchlight" by Peter Och

Peter OchHallo friends,

Today I want to start with the MV Communicator. Shortly one or even more persons namely broke into the Communicator. They have stolen a lot of things and caused heavy damage. It seems to look really bad. Therefore Caroline will start a Campaign and make an appeal to the listeners to help the owner of the Communicator as good as they can to bring the ship back into better conditions. Maybe it also could be possible to get back some of the stolen things. In addition to this Caroline will give support
for work which has to be done to make the ship locable again. Only after this necessary works to remedy at least the worst damage would make sense. I think this is a good act of solidarity and shows loving awareness in practice. Details you will soon find on the official Radio Caroline website Peter Moore told me he hopes that both the German and the Dutch website will join the campaign too.

Talking about the official website there is also something new, namely a link "FAQ". The answers to the frequently asked questions are very interesting and it is to hope that it will succeed to update this link as often as possible.

Last time I mentioned the computer crash and the strange music which was to hear temporary after the crash. Well, this meanwhile has improved again. Also in the live shows you can hear more and more a good mix of classic rock and good new music. Highlights during Easter holidays and the weeks after undoubtedly had been the birthday show with Johnny Lewis, the George Martin Story and the Easter flashback show with Mark Stafford. It is widely welcomed that Mark Stafford took the positive resonance to his programme for reason to start a 4-weekly flashback show every first Sunday of the month.

With the Classic Rock Society another advertiser has been found which is important for Caroline's future. I am convinced that more advertising customers and sponsors will be found if quality will develop the way it did during the past days. A music mush as one can hear him at nearly every other private radio station in my view would not help to solve this problem as the new listeners gained after the start on Sky immediately would bolt again for they wouldn't have a reason to listen to Caroline instead of their ILR station.

Also German Caroline is always striving - and I think with good success - for high quality programmes. I am really curious about the all time top 20 on the 10th of May 2003.

Until the next time

Peter Och



Monday April 14th 2002

Paul Corfield reporting:

Over the Easter holiday weekend, Radio Caroline celebrates its 39th anniversary and next Sunday afternoon, 20th March there will be 2 special programmes!

Part One of a special 2 hour two-part documentary "George Martin - In My Life" tracing the 'recording and musical career' of legendary Beatles producer George Martin will be broadcast on Easter Sunday between 4 and 5 pm UK time (5 to 6 pm CET).

In his own words, George Martin OBE tells his story from when he joined EMI in 1950 though to 2001 when he retired from the recording and music industry and is interspersed with music and other interesting gems!

Part One will follow George's fabulous career from 1950 through to 1966, with Part Two being aired on Sunday, 27th April between 4 and 5 pm (5 to 6 pm CET). Part Two will trace George's career from 1967 through to 2001 - definately a programme not to be missed!

Also on Easter Sunday, Mark Stafford takes to the airwaves between 5 and 9 pm (6 and 10 pm CET) with a special programme of 60's music from 1964 to 1968 with some great songs from Radio Caroline's first era of broadcasting, and some great 'forgotten' songs rarely heard on the radio nowdays! Nostalgic and promises to be a great way to celebrate 39 years of Radio Caroline...

So tune in, tell your friends and celebrate Easter with this Sunday with the legendary Radio Caroline!



Friday April 4th 2003

"Caroline Searchlight" by Peter Och

Peter OchHallo friends,

so I said to Martin last Sunday that I actually intended to write a new "Caroline Searchlight" but there had been not enough news. Well, this changed immediately just the next day. It was known that broadcasts via Worldspace would be encrypted again from the 1st of April. But I was very surprised on the 31st of March in the evening when I heard Nigel saying good-bye also to listeners on Hotbird. First I thought it was a good April fool hoax the more that there was nothing to read on the official Caroline website and no other DJ over the past weekend had made any remark about the forthcoming end of broadcasts via Hotbird. But at least on the next day it was clear that this was no hoax but reality. From the listeners I noticed that there had been almost no reactions. The reason surely was that most listeners knew that the use of Hotbird was only planned for a restricted time namely until the new broadcasting line from Maidstone was installed what now is the case. But as you can read on the official Caroline website Peter Moore plannes the return of Hotbird for the future.

Since the 1st of April Caroline shares the studio in Maidstone with a new radio station wich is called Calvary Chapel Radio. It is a religious station and the programmes mainly consist of Christian texts and Christian Rock music. The use of one studio by two stations at the same time is possible because Calvary Chapel doesn't broadcast live programmes and so they only need one computer. In case they should have the intention to make an exception and broadcast a live programme they could use the second Caroline studio. The use of the studio together with Calvary Chapel which by the way broadcasts via Eurobird on the same frequency as Radio Caroline has for Caroline the advantage that both stations share the studio costs which takes off a considerable burden from Caroline.

Unfortunately after the death of Victor Gray John Boutkam who presented "New Americana" with great success has died from brain cancer. It is not yet clear whether or not "New Americana" will go on and if so when it would start again. Therefore on the programme places of "New Americana" programmes from Calvary Chapel are broadcasted. Those having complained that during the last months there had been only old "New Americana" programmes being repeated several times should accept the explanation that John Boutkam had asked for this because due to his health he was not able to produce new programmes.

Meanwhile Brian Chalker did his second new programme and we should keep fingers crossed that he some day will be able to realize his dream to start his 24 hours country station on satellite.

Unfortunately due to the latest computer crash Caroline has lost some of its music so we even had to listen to Christmas music during the past days which I did not find very amazing. But I'm sure this problem will be solved very soon. Last Tuesday Andrew Austin gave away half an hour of his show to Rachel and as I was told she will fill the Sunday morning slot after Mark Dezzani very soon.

Radio Marabu during the past weeks went out regularely and without technical problems. After all I heard it seems that the English language hour done by Marcel Fischer under the name Radio Caroline is quite successful among the listeners.

German Caroline will - provided we will have enough contributors - broadcast an all time top 20 for the occasion of our second birthday. This was the surprise I announced in my last "Searchlight". We are hoping for a lot of participants from both inside and outside of Germany. Deadline for your contributions is the 30th of April 2003. Apart from the eternal financial problems there is nothing new on German Caroline. After Bobby produced two more shows of which the first was broadcast last Saturday it surely would be good if he would produce more; but this is absolutely up to him.

Until the next time

Peter Och



Saturday March 1st 2003

Sample Caroline Free On Worldspace

For the month of March 2003 the presently encrypted signal of Caroline on the Worldspace satellite will become free to air again. This will give a chance to sample Caroline, to all purchasers of Worldspace radio in the Afristar reception area who have bought radio sets since late November, when encryption commenced.
Existing subscribers will not lose out on this since they will get a bonus free month at the end of their own subscription period. Other Worldspace stations will be promoting this trial period. The underlying reason for this change is to make both Caroline and National Public Radio USA free to air during a period of time that is likely to see very major internationla event taking place. Caroline and NPR will co-operate on breaking news during this time.


Read the Sunday Express article on Radio Caroline

Peter Messingfeld's interesting report about his visit in the Maidstone studios


images/south.jpg (10703 Byte)Caroline South Programme News

Hi everyone,

to add to all the good news of late... (Sky Digital return, Free To Air Worldspace in March, R. Caroline ID on Hotbird, Sunday Express article, Tom Jones talking about Caroline on Channel 4's T4 prog, Tony Allan on every Saturday) is some more good news!

The Breeze 88.4 FM which carries Radio Caroline programmes (Caroline South) every Saturday and Sunday from 19.00-01.00 CET (18.00-00.00 UTC) on the French & Italian Rivieras, has switched daytime format from 'Cool Jazz' to 'Classic Rock' and is IDing these programmes as 'The Rock Of The Riviera 88.4 FM.' Already, the format change has been garnering a very positive feedback. Check out the Entertainment forum at: This will mean a bigger audience for Caroline South on 88.4 FM as a compatible format leads into our programmes instead of 'Jazz Lite.'

The Riviera Gazette which recently published a front page article about Radio Caroline's launch on Sky (see will be publishing details of our new Sky frequency. The glossy lifestyle magazine, Connections Cote d'Azur has also published an article about our new Sky Digital broadcasts. are also publishing our Sky freq. details in their media forum and also as a featured entry in their Entertainment & Arts/Broadcast Media directory.

A new English music bar/restaurant, The Lodge in Port Grimaud, near St. Tropez, which is also part of the Camping Holiday Marina camp site in the Golfe de Saint Tropez, has become a local promotion site for Radio Caroline. The station is played in the bar/restaurant and merchandise/Worldspace receivers will be on sale there soon. We are planning a series of 'Caroline South Roadshows' there this Spring/Summer.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of arguably one of the greatest rock albums ever, The Global Trip this Sunday (02/03/03) at 23.00 UTC (midnight CET) will feature Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon' first released in March 1973. In Europe, The Global Trip will go out in the first hour of the 3rd day of the 3rd Month of the 3rd year of the 3rd millennium!!! Storm Thorgerson, who designed the cover for Dark Side Of The Moon, and most other Floyd covers, talks about the design, the album, his friendship with the Floyd, Syd Barrett and the split with Roger Waters. We hear the entire album plus a track from the engineer at Abbey Road during the recording session, (Alan Parsons,) and a classic Floyd track with Syd Barrett.

Finally, more good news (how much can you take!) Tom Anderson is recovering well, and hopes to record a new 'Overdrive' show soon.

Finally, from all the Caroline South team, Duncan, Tom & myself, congrats to all who have worked so hard to get Caroline such terrific distribution and exposure, and who have continued to support Radio Caroline through thick & thin. We are very proud to be a part of it and to do our bit down here! A special thank you to Jack & Linda Kelly of The Breeze/The Rock Of The Riviera 88.4FM for their continued support of Radio Caroline.

Happy Listening!
Mark Dezzani
Caroline South


Mark Dezzani: Caroline South, Seborga, Italy.
Tel: +39 0184 223 007. Email:

Italy Office: via della Zecca 10, 18012 Seborga (IM), Italy
Tel: (+39) 0184 223 007 Fax: (+39) 0184 223 442



Monday February 24th 2003

"Caroline Searchlight" by Peter Och

Peter OchHallo friends,

Well, I really haven't been here for quite a while. The reason was not only - but also - short time. And when I decided to take time to write another item everything at Caroline started to move and it was not clear whether or not today's column was still actual tomorrow.

There was the again and again postponed Start on Sky which became reality on the 13th of January. It was reported that already in the first days the number of listeners and even the number of members of the English support Group increased. Those who are superstitious and therefore had a bit of a strange feeling with the beginning on Sky just on the 13th had been confirmed not even one month later when on the 7th of February at 11.00 AM British time Caroline disappeared again from Sky. Obviously there had been technical problems between World Radio Network and the uplink provider. The hope that those problems could be solved within some hours or at least
until the following Monday unfortunately was not pleased so that everyone could be glad who had subscribed to Worldspace or turned the dish to Hotbird 6. Fortunately Caroline is back on Sky since the 21st of February and let's hope that the new frequency 11585 GHz now will remain definitely.

Since the start on Sky in January in my view the quality of the programmes have improved considerably. There are more live programmes and so "Robby the Robot" is no longer forced to do so many additional hours. Apart from Radio Marabu most programmes now go out as scheduled. German Caroline was on the air the 6th Saturday in sequence and on Saturday the 15th of February even although Jim Ross didn't do his show before. The computer obviously works better; thanks to Ryan for this. Let's hope that with the help of sky and due to the improved quality more listeners and then more advertisers and sponsors can be gained. It is a good sign that Autoeurope - a former sponsor from the analog time - returned. And speaking about more listeners, Radio Caroline programmes on Worldspace will be free to air during March; I think this could also attract additional listeners. The only question is whether subscribers will get this month additionally.

As already expected last year also Brian Chalker comes back. He will even get his old time slot 21.00 to 24.00 H GMT but at least at the moment only once a month. His first show will be on the 28th of March.

One of the most enjoyable aspects from my point of view is that obviously more and more English speaking listeners show interest in German Caroline. It is a real shame that Bobby stopped his work and we really hope that he will return sometimes. Thank you Bobby for your engagement. If all goes well we will get an advertiser in the not too distant future and for the celebration of the second birthday of German Caroline we plan a surprise. Lest the second birthday will be the time to say good-bye we need
further donations. Listeners can also sponsor a complete programme. 

Until the next time

Peter Och


Read Peter Messingfeld's interesting article about his visit in the Maidstone studios here.



Saturday February 22nd 2003

Almost to the minute that they disappeared from the Sky 28 degrees satellite platform two weeks previously, UK Radio Caroline returned at 11.20 hours (GMT) on Friday the 21st February 2003. Unfortunately the frequency has changed, thus wasting all of the previous publicity (newspaper articles, fans making family, friends and work colleagues aware etc.). Also features in current publications in the market place will cause confusion and are a lost opportunity. The new frequency is 11.585 GHz, Polarity Horizontal, Symbol Rate 27.500, FEC 2/3. Caroline Sales are planning a "Caroline on Sky campaign" by distributing flyers (leaflets), so hopefully the new frequency will be more permanent than what 11623 was! For details of how to obtain Black and White copies of these write to: Caroline Sales, 148 Grange Road, Ramsgate, Kent. CT11 9PR or for a colour version email Barry Crompton at

[Click on the picture to enlarge!]

Probably to coincide with the launch of two new Worldspace receivers, UK Radio Caroline will be encryption free for one month starting the 1st of March 2003. The new receivers are a welcome. One is at a much neededprice point of �99 GBP, for a basic single speaker mono model (Stereo through an earphone/external line socket, if the broadcasts are in Stereo) and a more expensive two speaker stereo model. Both models feature a normal AM/FM receiver. It is disappointing that there is no Long Wave, for reception of a certain new radio station from the Isle of Man, planning to launch later this year! For more details visit the Worldspace website at

Finally, the UK Radio Caroline broadcasts from the Hotbird 13 degrees satellite is now identified as "R.Caroline", instead of being hidden from those not in the know, because the previous on screen identification was "WRN 3 for hire". A reminder of the tuning details are as follows: 12.597 GHz vertical, Symbol Rate 27.500, FEC 3/4.

Steve Szmidt, Canterbury, England



Wednesday February 12th 2003

Taken from Radio Caroline's official website:


Our signal on the 28 degree ' Sky ' satellite ceased suddenly at around 11am on the morning of Friday 7th Feb. We apologise for this break which is beyond our control and seems to be due to technical problems between our friends at World Radio Network and the uplinking site. However we know that WRN are working even as we speak to correct the difficulty. We do not know if the problem will be remedied in hours or whether this may take a little longer. When returning to ' Sky ' we may have yet another new frequency, so we would ask you all to regularly check this site and our news line for details.

The Worldspace, Hotbird and Internet streams continue and are not affected by this breakdown. Re-tuning info will also be provided on air as soon as this information is passed to us.

We apologise for the temporary break in transmission, but then for Caroline to suddenly go off air and come back on a new frequency is not entirely unheard of !


Taken from Radio Caroline's Dutch website:

Radio Caroline stopt kabeluitzendingen

terugkeer naar middengolf prioriteit
Radio Caroline Nederland BV stopt op 18 februari aanstaande met uitzendingen via het kabelnetwerk van Essent en Cogas in noord en oost Nederland. Een groot deel van 2002 en klein deel van 2003 heeft ons radiostaton gebruik gemaakt van de diensten van deze kabelexploitanten. De daaraan verbonden kosten geven momenteel een te grote druk op het financieel huishouden van Caroline.

regeringsbeleid schrikt investeerders af
Radio Caroline richt zich sinds 2001 op het verwerven van een AM (middengolf) frequentie in Nederland. Toen wij in januari 2002 begonnen met kabeluitzendingen was in de planning opgenomen dat middengolf- en kabeluitzendingen samen een goede basis waren voor een financieel gezond radiobedrijf. Er is echter een vervelende kink in de kabel gekomen. Vanwege een zwalkend regeringsbeleid ten aanzien van de toewijzing/verdeling van etherfrequenties heeft Caroline tegen iedere verwachting in nog steeds geen etherfrequentie toegewezen gekregen. Gevolg daarvan is dat onze investeerders en adverteerders pas op de plaats hebben gemaakt. Overigens hebben ook collega-radiostations met deze problematiek te maken.

keuze voor middengolf
De regionale kabeluitzendingen waren in onze planning opgenomen als een voorloper op onze middengolfzender. Kabelradio is voor ons een aanvulling op landelijke dekking via middengolf en niet andersom.

Wij vinden het verstandig om de financi�le middelen die wij momenteel tot onze beschikking hebben volledig te investeren wat steeds ons hoofddoel is geweest: Caroline terug op de middengolf. Het bereiken van dit doel loopt ernstig gevaar wanneer de kostbare exploitatie van kabelradio nu door ons wordt voortgezet. Vandaar dat wij per 18 februari daarmee stoppen, hoe spijtig wij dat ook vinden.

meer informatie
Uiteraard blijft ons programma na 18 februari normaal te beluisteren via onze webcast. U kunt inschakelen via Via deze site kunt u ook op de hoogte blijven van actuele zaken rond ons radiostation. Voor meer informatie kunt u bellen met ons algemeen telefoonnummer 0517 - 433833.





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