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The Radio Caroline RSL in Harwich

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Well, the third week has passed and the time has just flown by. We still have not been able to erect the final sections of the mast due to the weather. The accompanying pictures were taken on the only dry day we had and did we have enough people to put the mast up then?....... of course we didn't. On the other days when the rain and wind were rocking the ship did we have enough people to put the mast up?.......of course we did!

Personnel changed during the week. Paul Maclaren and Steve Cisco departed and will not be returning. They were replaced by Neil Bradwell who has just completed a science degree and Simon James. Diamond Dave Kent returned last week to follow me in the 0300 - 0600 slot vacated by Steve Cisco. For some reason he never turns up on a Wednesday night and we are all wondering why! What does he do on that night?

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Simon Chippendale will also be returning to the ship next week. It is hoped that for the final day we will have sufficient DJ's returning to the ship to let every one have a 2 hour slot and the final hour will time!


We had yet another visit from a fish. This one came down a ventilator and landed on Phil Mitchell's head. It transpired that Tony Day, John Day's son, had decided to do a bit of fishing. Having caught this fish he decided that it might like a visit around the ship and started it on it's way by putting
it down a ventilator which went into the mess. Again, this fish never bought anything from the shop before being returned to the sea. I suspect that very few fish are interested in offshore radio.

carorsl17.jpg (42083 Byte)As I write this we are off the air (Friday 1500). We went off last night around 0130 when the power to the ship failed. The electricity we use is supplied to us by an external source which is also used to power the navigation lights on the Railway Pier. We have no control over it and when  it failed, not only were we silent but the pier was unlit to shipping.

It's now 21.30 and we are back on the air, there you go...the Caroline effect?


It's strange sitting here listening to Caroline on the Internet.....sitting in the same studio chair and playing great music is someone I have never met!

carorsl18.jpg (48713 Byte)All the equipment has stood up well to the pounding it has been given by the DJ's and with a bit of good weather the last two sections of the mast may go up.

More next week. See ya.

Big John


More reports will follow as the RSL progresses with pictures so watch this space.


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